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Pod Salt Nexus 100ml Shortfills

Pod Salt introduces its exciting “Nexus” series of e-juices, each flavor designed to deliver a unique vaping experience. This series encompasses a rich palette of flavors ranging from traditional and exotic fruit combinations to refreshing drink-inspired blends, all presented in 100ml shortfill bottles.

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The range includes flavors such as Mango Strawberry Peach, a sweet and juicy blend that captures the essence of summer fruits. For those who prefer a cooler sensation, Berry Lemon Ice offers a perfect balance of berries and a crisp citrus note topped with icy freshness.

For candy lovers, the series offers flavors like White Gummy Bear, which recreates the classic taste of white gummy bears, and Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow, which provides an explosion of sweet, fruity notes. Additionally, Pear Apple Raspberry offers a more traditional fruity experience with a well-balanced mix of pear, apple, and raspberry.

Pod Salt also features creative flavors like Fresh Raspberry Mojito and Pineapple Passion Lime, both offering a tropical twist with a hint of cocktail inspiration. For those seeking bolder flavors, Grape Berry Burst and Strawberry Watermelon Kiwi both deliver a rich and deep fruit taste.

For those who prefer classic beverage flavors, there are Blueberry Blackberry Lemonade and Sweet Strawberry Lemonade, each offering a refreshing and sweet tartness. On the tangier end of the flavor spectrum, Blue Sour Raspberry and Blue Razz Cherry Blast both provide a sharp and tangy fruit experience.

Whether you're looking for something crisp and fruity or sweet and tangy, the Pod Salt Nexus series has something to offer. Each bottle is priced at 179.00 SEK, making them an excellent value for anyone looking to explore a range of premium e-juice flavors.

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