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Vape Starter Kits at

Everything you need to get started with vaping in one place. We offer a wide selection of the very best e-cigarette kits. These e-cigarette starter kits are perfect for anyone interested in switching to vaping. We also provide powerful kits for the more advanced vaper. If you’re just getting started, don’t forget to add some e-liquid to your order when you have found the perfect e-cigarette kit for you!

Read our guide “How does a vape work?


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What is a vape starter kit?

It can be a jungle for beginners to know what to buy as many vape products and accessories are sold separately and how do you know what fits together? Having that knowledge is difficult at the beginning, which tank fits on the mod, which coils, does it come with a battery?

Then there are a variety of manufacturers, wattages, price ranges, and what is ohm really?

That's why it's much easier to get an e-cigarette starter kit, usually everything is included from the beginning. But always read and see if the kit is powered by external batteries, which you usually buy separately.

Which e-cig kit should I choose?

First, you need to consider what kind of vaping experience you want. Do you want it to resemble a cigarette or do you want a lot of vapor? Do you want a small vape pen or a larger box mod kit? Here are kits from major brands like Aspire, SMOK, Joyetech, Kamry, Uwell, Vaporesso, Geekvape, Voopoo, OXVA, Eleaf, IJOY, and Freemax, among others.

If you choose a box kit, it's a larger machine that usually has a display where you can adjust a lot and fine-tune your vaping style. If you plan to vape a lot and often, it can be a good idea, partly because you get more vapor faster and then the batteries last longer.

A vape pen often mimics smoking through so-called MTL-Vaping (mouth to lung), then there is much more resistance, or slower to draw - like a cigarette.

Simple and cheaper vape starter kits

At, we sell cheap e-cig starter kits that are easy to use, which can be good if you are a beginner. We have a large selection of cheaper and user-friendly starter kits for vaping.

When you buy a starter kit, most things are included, including a manual explaining how the device works. The package often includes spare parts, extra coils, some seals, and spare glass.

We have also made a guide explaining how an e-cigarette works.

Getting started with your vape starter kit

Before you start vaping, you should "prime" your coil, otherwise, you may get a burnt coil that tastes awful. By "priming" the coil, we mean the cotton must be moistened inside the burner itself. Otherwise, there is a great risk that the cotton will burn and taste very bad, then unfortunately you just have to discard the burner. Please read our guide on how to avoid burnt coils.

Advanced Vape Kit

With us, you will also find e-cig starter kits that are a bit more advanced, giving you considerably more vapor or "clouds". The difference is that you get a lot more settings to think about, so it may require a bit more experience. As a rule, you also need external batteries and a battery charger.

We only sell the best vape starter kits that have high quality & good safety features so that you can vape safely. We also have kits with RDA, RDTA, and RTA tanks.

Where do I buy e-cig starter kits?

At, you can buy cheap vape starter kits, you can also visit one of our physical vape stores. Whether you buy online or in one of our vape shops, you can trust that you will receive good service and support all the way.