Kelly White Nicotine Pouches

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Discover Kelly White: All White “Snus” in Elegant Flavors

Kelly White All White nicotine pouches offer a unique experience of taste and design, with a focus on delivering a tobacco-free alternative for those who want to enjoy nicotine without using traditional snus. These bags are made with a plant fiber base instead of tobacco, making them perfect for those who want to avoid tobacco products. Instead of tobacco, flavorings and nicotine extract are added to give a lasting nicotine effect.


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The nicotine strength in Kelly White varies depending on taste preference. Kelly also offers a really fashion-conscious sparkling snuff box for refills - Sprakling Kelly, available in four sparkling colours: silver, gold, black and pink.

All Flavors:

  • Hot Cherry: An intense taste of cherry with a spicy twist of red chili.
  • Sweet Peach Strong: A strong and sweet peach flavor with a refreshing character.
  • Sweet Peach: A mild and fruity peach flavor for a relaxed snus.
  • Raspberry Lemon: A combination of tart raspberry and fresh lemon for a refreshing taste in mini format.
  • Sparkling Strawberry: A sweet and juicy taste of strawberries with an exuberant twist of bubbly champagne.
  • Cool Mint: A cooling mint flavor for a refreshing and sweet nicotine experience.
  • Sweet Melon Mint: A harmonious combination of sweet melon and cooling mint for a balanced flavor profile.
The format of Kelly White nicotine pouches is slim or mini, which makes them convenient to use and easy to carry. The box is equipped with a practical lid on the top, where used pills can be easily placed to keep the packaging clean and tidy.

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