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iSmokeKing offers a wide collection of vape accessories. We have Batteries, Bottles, Chargers, DIY products, Replacement glass and many other products.


Vape Accessories from

Welcome to a detailed overview of the various accessories you can find for your vape at Having the right accessories is crucial for an optimal vaping experience, whether it's maintaining your device or enhancing your vaping routine. Below, we list a range of essential products for every vaping enthusiast.

Replacement Glass for Tanks

If disaster strikes and the glass on your tank breaks, it is easy to replace it with a new one. At, you can find replacement glass that fits a variety of models and brands, ensuring that you can quickly return to vaping without significant interruption.

Empty Bottles for E-Juice

For those who like to mix their own flavors, empty bottles are indispensable. Available in different sizes and materials, these bottles can be used to create and store your own mixed e-juices. They are perfect for both beginners and experienced DIY vapers.

Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are small but critical components that help protect your vape from damage if dropped and also prevent leaks. These rings can be placed around the tank as an extra layer of protection and are available in various sizes and colors at

Syringes for Accurate Measurements

When mixing your own e-juice, precision is the key to success. With syringes, you can measure and transfer liquids precisely, which is essential for achieving the perfect blend of PG, VG, flavors, and nicotine.

Charging Cables and Batteries

Keeping your vape charged and ready is fundamental. offers a wide selection of charging cables and batteries that are compatible with most vape devices. It is important to choose the right type of battery and charging cable to ensure the device's efficiency and longevity.

Cotton and Wires for Coil Building

For those who build their own coils, high-quality cotton and wires are a must. The cotton is used to efficiently absorb the e-juice, while the wires, which can be made of kanthal, nichrome, or stainless steel, are what actually heat up the juice. These materials help produce clean and rich vapor.

Protective Packaging

To protect your vape during transport or storage, protective packaging is ideal. These packages can be made of hard material to withstand impacts or soft cases for easier portability. At, you can find a range of protective packaging options that help keep your device safe and in good condition.

Other Accessories

In addition to the above accessories, there are also a variety of other products that can enhance your vaping experience, such as toolkits for maintaining and repairing your device, stylish drip tips, and protective cases.

At, you will find these accessories and many more tailored to meet the specific needs of all vape users, whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper. Take a look at their wide selection and find the accessories that fit your vaping style and needs.