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If you’re looking for the ultimate taste and massive vapour production, e-cigarette mods is the way to go. For an unparalleled taste and long lasting battery life, find your new favorite mod here.

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All you need to know about Vape Mods

If you've recently started vaping or if you're browsing around and considering starting with vaping, you've probably come across the term "vape mod." But what is a vape mod and how does it differ from other types of vapes? In our "What is a Vape Mod" guide, we provide you with all the information you need, such as what defines these vape devices as mods, their pros and cons, and which type of users they best suit.

What is a Vape Mod?

Essentially, a vape mod is the bottom part of a vape kit - the "big" piece where the tank sits and which houses the battery and other electrical components. If you buy a mod on its own, you'll need to buy a tank separately.

Some vapers buy multiple tanks and switch them regularly when they want a flavor change. This is especially beneficial if you like to vape many different flavors simultaneously because you can avoid emptying the tank and refilling it with new e-juice. At, you'll find some of the most user-friendly, powerful, and exclusive mods available.

Pros and Cons of Vape Mods

When comparing different vape mods to other types of vapes, such as vape pens, they can come with a range of pros and cons. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages when purchasing a vape mod:

Pros Allows for more customization

You can switch flavors/vaping styles in seconds More powerful than vape pens Usually has a display with information such as puff count, battery level, etc. Larger internal/external battery More flexible power options (choice of internal and removable batteries)


Usually a bit more expensive Does not come with a tank, so it must be purchased separately More complicated, not ideal for beginners These are the main pros and cons of e-cigarette mods. Consider these to weigh whether a mod would suit your needs or not. If not, we have several good starter kits, pod kits, or disposable vapes where you should find something that might suit you better.

Who Are Mods Best Suited For?

Vape mods are not for everyone but are best suited for those who want to take more control by increasing the customization options of their vape. With a mod, you can customize the settings for a variety of different tanks or RBAs, making you very flexible and able to handle most things. Given this, if you are a beginner or someone with limited knowledge, these may not be the best choice for you.

Similarly, if you're not interested in further customizing your vaping experience and would prefer things to remain as simple as possible, they're probably not for you either. On the other hand, if you're a bit more experienced and enjoy switching between different flavors and vaping techniques, a high-quality mod will be an excellent choice.

Different Types of Mods Box Mod / Regulated mods

Now that we've covered vape mods in general, let's take a look at a specific type of mod: a box mod. Don't be confused by this - although it may seem like a different product, it's actually just a vape mod shaped like a box, hence the name. These often have the option to insert external batteries and usually come with a display where you can adjust the power and get full insight into all stats.

Mechmod / Mechanical mod

A mechanical mod, or "mech mod," is simply a mod without any settings where you have to keep an eye on Ohm's law yourself. These can be very dangerous if you don't have the knowledge required to handle mechanical mods. We do not recommend mech mods to users who are not knowledgeable as they can be directly dangerous! Learn more about mechanical mods in our guide.

Squonk Mod

This is a special type of vape mod where you have a bottle for e-juice, usually located under or within the mod itself. It's designed to allow you to avoid dripping your RBA all the time and instead just squeeze the bottle (or press a button), thus filling your RBA with liquid from below.