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Here you will find all Aroma King Disposable vapes. These are made in Poland and come in many unique e-juices with nicotine salt. We sell Aroma King vapes for single use both with and without nicotine.

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Aroma King Disposable Vapes Sweden

No one has missed these disposable vapes from Aroma King, have they? They are available in many different flavors and models. Each vape has its own color so you can easily recognize which flavor it is.

AromaKing 700 Puffs

The first to be registered in Sweden is Aroma King 700 puffs. It comes in several different flavors and is available both with 20mg nicotine and as a completely nicotine-free vape.

AromaKing GEM Mesh 700 Puffs

The latest addition to the Aroma King Sweden family is GEM with mesh coil. It is designed like a diamond, hence the name GEM. The trend among disposable pods today is called mesh coil. They have become popular thanks to the fact that they provide much more and clearer taste.

The new AromaKing GEM is today registered with 10 different flavors in 18mg nicotine and as a completely nicotine-free disposables.

Wholesaler of Aroma King Sweden

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