Sub-ohm Tanks

Sub-ohm Tanks

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Sub-ohm tanks are an indispensable component for vaping enthusiasts striving to maximize vapor production and intensify the flavor experience. These advanced tanks are designed to operate with low resistance (sub-ohm), meaning the resistance in the coil is less than 1.0 ohm.

Vape Sub-Ohm Tanks

Here are some key features and benefits of sub-ohm tanks:

  • Vapor Production: Sub-ohm tanks are known for generating large clouds of vapor, thanks to the use of low-resistance coils. This provides users with impressive and dense vapor production.
  • Flavor Intensity: By allowing more power to reach the coil, sub-ohm tanks enable an intensified flavor experience. This makes them an ideal choice for those seeking deeper flavors from their e-juices.
  • Airflow Control: Most sub-ohm tanks come with adjustable airflow controls, giving users the ability to customize the airflow according to their personal preferences. This affects both the vapor production and the flavor experience.
  • Larger E-Juice Capacity: Many sub-ohm tanks have a larger e-juice capacity to accommodate the increased consumption that comes with low-resistance coils. This reduces the need for frequent refills.
  • Customizability: Sub-ohm tanks are compatible with various types of coils and mods, giving users the flexibility to tailor their vaping experience depending on their preferences and needs.
It is important to note that sub-ohm vaping requires a certain level of knowledge and understanding. It is recommended that users carefully read and follow the manufacturer's instructions and advice. Sub-ohm tanks are an excellent choice for experienced vapers looking for powerful and customizable vaping devices.

What Are Sub-Ohm Tanks?

Sub-ohm tanks are vaping devices designed to use coils with a resistance of less than one ohm. The lower resistance allows for a greater flow of current, which heats the coil faster and produces more vapor. Sub-ohm tanks are favored by those who prefer vaping at higher wattages for more significant vapor production and enhanced flavor delivery. These tanks are equipped with larger wick holes and airflows to handle higher VG (Vegetable Glycerin) content juices, which are thicker and produce denser vapor clouds.