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Frunk Bar’s new Disposable Vapes are manufactured in the UK by Frunk, these disposable e-cigs are available in many different unique flavors and deliver approx. 800 puffs per pod. Disposable vapes are ready to go straight away and never need to be charged or refilled. Fruk also makes 10ml salt e-liquids.


iSmokeKing is proud to present a new range of flavors to enhance your everyday vaping experience. Frunk Bar vape currently has two different models on the Swedish market. Here, we will describe these and provide all the information you desire about these vapes.

Explore the New Flavors

Experience the latest flavors and enjoy enhanced taste with Frunk Bar Mesh. This innovative device offers you more options and introduces a brand-new technology to maximize your vaping. Frunk Bar Disposable Salt Vape Pod 800 Puffs.

Main Features of Frunk Vape:

  • 2ML Liquid: Each Frunk Bar comes pre-filled with 2ML of e-juice in your desired flavor.
  • No Charging Needed: The convenience of no charging makes FrunkBar an ideal disposable vape for people on the go.
  • Mesh Coil: Advanced mesh coil technology ensures maximum extraction of flavor and smoke from the pre-filled e-juice.
  • Equivalent to About 40 Cigarettes: With approximately 600-800 puffs, each Frunk Bar offers a vaping experience equivalent to about 40 traditional cigarettes.

Elegant Design and Colored Text for Flavor Identification

Frunk Bar disposable vape is not only powerful but also stylish in its design. They are made in a sleek, all-black design with colored texts to clearly distinguish the different flavors. This elegance combined with their compact size makes them easy to carry and leak-proof, facilitating a hassle-free vaping experience everywhere.

New Mesh Coil Technology for Better Flavor

Frunk Bar has taken its disposable vapes to the next level by incorporating the latest mesh coil technology. This upgrade ensures that each puff delivers intense flavor without sacrificing quality over time. The mesh coil technology also allows for a smoother and more satisfying smoke.

Variety of Flavor Options

Frunk Bar Mesh has quickly become a name to reckon with in the Swedish vaping market. With a total of 30 different flavor profiles to choose from, Frunk Bar offers a wealth of options for vapers with various taste preferences.

Discreet Vaping with Automatic Activation

Frunk Bar offers a discreet vaping experience with a compact design and maximum flavor. These disposable e-cigarettes are ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers and require no prior vaping experience. Everything you need, including flavor, battery, and coils, is pre-installed and ready for immediate use. The device activates automatically when you inhale, making usage simple and convenient.


Frunk Bar disposable vape not only represents a technological advancement in disposable vapes but also a variety of flavor options to satisfy different vapers' needs and desires. This unit combines style with performance and is a perfect companion for those seeking convenience and superior flavor in one package.

FAQs About Frunk Bar Disposable Vape:

What is included in a Frunk Bar Disposable Vape? Frunk Bar is a pre-filled disposable vape that comes with a pre-installed 400mAh battery and a vape pod containing 20 mg of salt nic in over 30 different flavors.

What is Lost Frunk? Lost Frunk is a brand-new disposable vape from Frunk. It is shaped like a bottle and comes with 20mg nicotine salt and a completely new type of mesh coil.

How many cigarettes does one FrunkBar equate to? Each Frunk Bar is equivalent to about 20 cigarettes and has the capacity to produce up to 800 puffs. The built-in 400mAh battery lasts as long as the e-liquid.

How many puffs are there in a Frunk Bar? Each Frunk Bar Disposable Vape contains 2 ml of e-liquid, which equates to between 600 and 800 puffs per unit on average.

How long do Frunk Bars last? The lifespan of your Frunkbar depends on how frequently you use it. On average, your Frunk Bar is expected to last between 1-3 days before the battery or content runs out.

Do Frunk Bars contain nicotine? Yes, the Frunk Bars sold on contain 20 mg/ml of nicotine salt.

How do you use a Frunk Bar? Frunk Bar Disposable Vape is used by inhaling to activate the device. Once the liquid runs out, you can recycle the device at the nearest electronics or battery recycling station. Due to its small size and lightweight, Frunk is ideal for use during travel, commutes, or as a backup device for other vapes or pod systems.

My Frunk Bar is blinking – What does that mean? Most disposable vapes have an indicator light that signals when the device is being used. If the battery is running low, this indicator may glow red. Alternatively, it may blink, which usually indicates that the battery is about to run out.