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Mech mods have minimal functionality, they are as basic as possible. The battery is positioned to connect with both the top (positive) and bottom (negative) caps of the mod. There are no circuit boards or advanced technical aspects. It`s just a simple circuit powered by a battery.

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Mechanical vape mods, also known as "mechs" among vaping enthusiasts, represent a subculture within the vaping world that appeals to those seeking a more hands-on and customizable experience. Unlike advanced mods with built-in chips, mechanical mods are simpler in construction and lack electronics. Here are some aspects to consider regarding mechanical vape mods:

  1. Simple Construction: Mechanical mods typically consist of a cylindrical tube, most often made of metal. Their simple construction means they lack electronic components and control circuits, providing a more direct connection between the battery and the atomizer.
  2. No Electronics: Since they lack electronics, mechanical mods do not regulate wattage or have safety features such as overcharge or short circuit protection. This necessitates users to be well-informed and cautious with their vape batteries.
  3. Customizability: Mechanical mods are renowned for their customizability. Users can exchange various parts, such as switches, tubes, and top caps, to create a unique and personal mod.
  4. Direct Power Delivery: One advantage of mechanical mods is their direct power delivery from the battery to the atomizer, which can enhance responsiveness and produce bigger clouds for those seeking power and vapor.
  5. Battery Maintenance: As mechanical mods lack electronic safety features, it is important for users to be aware of the condition and safety of their batteries. The use of high-quality and undamaged batteries is crucial, as well as avoiding excessive discharge.
  6. Advanced Use: Mechanical mods are best suited for advanced users who have a deeper understanding of Ohm's law, battery specifications, and general safety around sub-ohm vaping.
Before diving into the world of mechanical vape mods, it's important to research, understand, and respect their usage and safety aspects.

WARNING: Mechanical Mods (mech mods) do not have regulated safety features and are for advanced users only. Mech mods can be hazardous to your safety when used improperly resulting in battery fire or explosion.