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Disposable vape pods is very simple to use since it comes pre-filled with e-juice. The disposable pod kit has several different e-liquid flavors. Most pod vapes use nicotine salt liquids instead to freebase nicotine. Best of all, disposable vapes needs no charging, no coil changes or re-filling and is draw activatied. It’s super easy to use, just open the pack and start vaping. When you’re finished, dispose of it and simply open a new one.
It’s just as conviniant for the beginner vaper as a vaping veteran to use portable e-cigarettes.

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Disposable Vape Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thinking of trying a disposable vape? Let's take a look at the most common questions our new customers have. They are above all related to health, and we can already reveal that a vape is much healthier than a cigarette!

Is it dangerous to vape a disposable vape?

We cannot say that vaping disposable vape is completely harmless, but it is also not as dangerous as smoking regular cigarettes. According to reserach, it is a much healthier choice for both lungs and body. You can vape both with and without nicotine.

When you smoke a cigarette, around 4,000 harmful and cancer-causing chemicals are released. With a vape, you avoid inhaling all these chemicals and stay away from cigarettes.

How many cigarettes equals a disposable vape?

An e-cig corresponds to approximately three to four packs of cigarettes, depending on the number of puffs. It therefore often lasts for several days depending on how often you vape, how big puffs you take and how long the battery lasts.

With a multi-pack of vapes at home, you don't have to run to the store every now and then to buy packs of cigarettes. A really popular vape is the Aroma King, It lasts for about 700 puffs. Aroma King is also available in an incredibly large range of flavors.

Do my teeth turn yellow when I vape?

When you smoke regular cigarettes, it is common for you to get both yellow nails and yellow teeth. The nicotine has that effect on your body and it is therefore difficult to hide the fact that you smoke.

If you instead smoke a disposable vape, however, you will not get yellow teeth. So you will both smell better and look better with a vape! Besides, it tastes much better than a regular cig.

How long does a disposable vape last?

There are two ways to tell if you need to replace your disposable vape: you notice that the pod is empty and the battery no longer activates when you inhale. Most of the time, your vape flashes when it's used up and then it's time to change to a new one.

Which disposable vapes last the longest?

Many companies offer disposable pods with many puffs. We have reviewed many brands and found the options that last the longest. The best method to measure how long a disposable vape can last is by the battery capacity and number of puffs and the capacity of the e-liquid.

Do disposable vapes make big clouds?

Usually you get big clouds when you use a high VG e-juice and a powerful coil. Originally, most manufacturers designed disposable vapes for MTL (mouth-to-lung) users, so it mimics the draw of a traditional cigarette. But now we're starting to see vape pens that target the DTL (direct-to-lung) market to create large clouds.

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