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The Aquios Bar by Innokin, is a recyclable disposable vape with mesh coil. It is made of paper and rubber and it contains only 5% plasic material, which is a plus for the environment. Its battery can be easily detached from the device so that you can dispose of the battery and the rest in the trash. It also contains 30% water.

Introduction: Innovating Vaping with Aquios and Innokin

Aquios Labs, headquartered in the UK, has long been at the forefront of vaping technology. With their latest innovation, AQ30, they have taken a step towards offering smokers an enhanced experience. In collaboration with Innokin Technology ("Innokin"), they have launched a product that could change the game in the vaping market. Let's explore this groundbreaking technology and its potential to make a big splash.

AQ30 Technology: A New Era of Vaping

The AQ30 technology introduces a groundbreaking water-based approach to vaping. Unlike traditional e-liquids, AQ30 products contain 30% water. This high water content is made possible through a specialized formulation developed by Aquios Labs and a new hardware design from Innokin. After over two years of research and development, this technology is a unique innovation in the vaping market.

Benefits of AQ30 Technology

The water in AQ30 products produces a smoother vapor, delivers nicotine more efficiently to the bloodstream, and significantly reduces the dehydration effects of vaping. Additionally, water acts as a neutral flavor carrier, resulting in more balanced and natural flavors than previously possible.

Health Implications and Scientific Support

The water-based technology may also have significant benefits in reducing the harm from vaping. With a significantly lower boiling point of 119°C, tests showed that vapes using AQ30 technology produced 92% less acetaldehyde and 81% less formaldehyde compared to traditional vapes. These scientific findings have been confirmed through tests conducted by leading laboratories worldwide.

Success and Future Outlook

The initial AQ30 products were launched in all major markets in the first quarter of 2022, including Aquios Bar and Esco bar 6000. Positive reviews and feedback from the trade press and consumers have led to adoption of the solution in professional vaping and FMCG channels.

Innokin launched Innobar C1 in November 2022, which includes a range of disposable devices and the reusable INNOBAR C1 pod system, all relying on AQ30 technology. The INNOBAR C1 has been particularly successful and has strongly contributed to business growth.

Conclusion: An Innovative Future

Innokin and Aquios Labs' collaboration was awarded "Biggest Breakthrough Innovation" at the Golden Leaf Awards in Washington, DC. With water-based vaping technology set to gain a significant share of the market in 2023, Innokin and Aquios Labs aim to launch the products in more markets over the coming year.

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