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Dinner Lady disposable engangs vapesHere you will find all Dinner Lady’s Disposable Vapes. These are manufactured in the UK from their award-winning premium e-juices with nicotine salt. We have the Dinner Lady pod in the original version with 400 puffs the V800 with 800 puffs and the all new Vape Pen V2 with 600 Puffs.

Versatile Vaping with Dinner Lady Disposable Vapes


For those seeking a simple and convenient vaping experience, Dinner Lady's disposable vapes offer a variety of flavors, puff counts, and even style options. With options to suit almost every vaper, there are blends inspired by classic Dinner Lady e-liquids as well as new flavors created specifically for their disposable vapes.

Dinner Lady Disposable E-Cigs & Vape Pens

Dinner Lady's range of Vape Pens is prepped, pre-installed, and ready to use straight out of the box. These Vape Pens are the perfect starter kit for both new and experienced vapers.

Designed for Simplicity and Convenience

With a slim and discreet design, the pre-installed disposable e-cigarettes are designed for former smokers and resemble both the shape and size of a traditional cigarette. These disposable Vape Pens are easy to use and offer a safe alternative to smoking without the need for a traditional vape mod or learning vaping techniques.

But that doesn't mean disposable products aren't great for established vapers! Many experienced vapers love the convenience of disposable e-cigarettes. Why? Well, because they're perfect for hassle-free nights out and vaping on the go. Imagine being able to vape without needing a handbag or large pockets to accommodate your bulky vape kit.

Ready to Vape Straight Out of the Box

Dinner Lady's disposable e-cigarettes are charged and ready to use straight out of the box, requiring no maintenance or hassle. When they're finished, simply dispose of them and replace with a new one.

Key Features:

  • Charged and ready to use straight out of the box
  • Slim and discreet
  • Comfortable and ergonomic food-grade mouthpiece
  • No fuss, no leaks, no refilling
  • Sealed for maximum freshness

Created for the Best Disposable Vaping Experience

Dinner Lady's disposable Vape Pens are the only ones of their kind pre-filled with Dinner Lady's premium e-juice. Developed with simplicity and convenience in mind, Dinner Lady's Vape Pens are the easiest disposable products to use when transitioning from smoking to vaping.

The OG Disposable Vape Pen

Dinner Lady's first launch was the disposable Vape Pen; the first-ever e-cigarette pre-filled with Dinner Lady's premium e-juice. With a 350mAh battery, a premium organic cotton coil, and 1.5ml of the very best flavored e-juice, this disposable e-cig delivers exceptional power with up to 400 puffs per unit. Available in 13 flavors across different flavor ranges, the disposable Vape Pen showcases the very best of Dinner Lady.

Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen Pro

So whether you're looking to transition to a less harmful alternative or are in need of a convenient device to vape with while out and about, Dinner Lady's disposable e-cigarettes are made with you in mind.

Why Buy Dinner Lady Disposables?


Flavor is the heart and soul of Dinner Lady - after all, they're renowned for their award-winning Lemon Tart! So when they created their disposable Vape Pens, flavor was at the forefront. With 13 Vape Pen flavors and 14 Vape Pen Pro flavors, there are plenty of great-tasting vapes to choose from.


Pre-filled, pre-installed, and ready to use straight out of the box, both the Vape Pen and the Vape Pen Pro are great for vaping on the go. Plus, with no need for refilling and absolutely no need for recharging, Dinner Lady's disposable e-cigarettes are simple and convenient to use.


Finished with a premium aluminum chassis, both the disposable Vape Pen and the Vape Pen Pro are made with adult vapers in mind. Simple yet stylish, Dinner Lady Vape Pens fit discreetly in your pocket or handbag without drawing unwanted attention. Plus, with subtle vapor production, our two disposable e-cigs are ideal for stealth vaping.

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