Mystic Juice Royal Five

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Mystic Juice Royal Five deserves its name! The king of all tobacco e-liquids. When you get to taste the majestic tobacco flavour with a slight hint of a nutty aroma, you’ll never turn back. If you’re tired of all the boring tobacco e-liquids out there, this one is for you. Sure to bring you a new experience. Mystic Juice Royal Five has become the favourite e-liquid for many tobacco vapers. When the royal kick of a delicious and bold tobacco flavour blends together with a mild nutty aftertaste, you’ll be impressed at how much better this is!

Flavour profile: tobacco, nutty aftertaste
Made in the UK.
You can choose between 0 mg, 6 mg (low), 12 mg (medium) and 18 mg (high) nicotine strength.


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