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Looking for the best tobacco e-liquids? For smokers looking to switch from the combusted tobacco to vaping, finding the best tobacco e-liquid flavour is extremely important. Many smokers looking to make the switch don’t want to vape tutti frutti and cookies. The only problem is finding that authentic tobacco e-liquid to make switching from tobacco to vaping an enjoyable experience. Too many tobacco e-liquids out there fail miserably when it comes to replicating the dry and authentic flavour of tobacco.

Some tobacco e-liquids do a very good job of producing a genuine flavour. Especially the sweet types of tobacco often found in pipe tobacco can be a success, but all-too-often you end up with something bitter and boring rather than a new favourite tobacco e-liquid. So if you’re looking for that authentic, great tobacco flavour in your e-liquid, look no further. We have collected some of the absolutely best tobacco e-liquids for you in our Tobacco Collection.

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