Mystic Juice Strawberry

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Mystic Juice Strawberry

Nothing can be compared to freshly harvested strawberries, especially if you like its characteristic, sweet aroma. This liquid is the best you can find if you not just want to eat it, but vape it! Not something that’s just similar to the real fruit, you can feel the taste of stunningly fresh strawberries in it, and also it can be a perfect base if you want to do a mixture (if you mix it with Cool Lemonade, you can get an amazing strawberry lemonade!).

Flavour profile: strawberry
Made in the UK.
You can choose between 0 mg, 6 mg (low), 12 mg (medium) and 18 mg (high) nicotine strength.

Mystic Juice Strawberry is delivered in a 30 ml TPD pack.

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