Mystic Juice Eldorado

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Mystic Juice Eldorado brings you on a journey to experience the hidden treasure! With hints of a creamy and delicious caramel, you’ll start to notice the excotic nuttiness as you vape more. A unique e-liquid that leaves you wanting more. Mystic Juice Eldorado brings you on a true journey, with its rich flavour and complex aromas. Once you arrive at the treasure in Eldorado, you never want to leave.

Flavour profile: Creamy caramel, slight nuttiness, sweet and full-bodied
Made in the UK.
You can choose between 0 mg, 6 mg (low), 12 mg (medium) and 18 mg (high) nicotine strength.

Mystic Juice Eldorado is delivered in a 30 ml leak proof UV protected glass bottle (for best preserving the quality). It has a childproof and tamper evident cap.

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