Charlie’s Chalk Dust Ms. Meringue 50ml Shortfill

Miss Meringue is a whole new take on the Mr. Meringue e-liquid and is made to taste just as delicious to those who loved it. Rather than delivering the taste of lemon meringue this time around, you will feel like you’re enjoying a freshlt baked cake filled to the top with lovely strawberries and then smothered in a very rich buttery meringue mix. It doesn’t taste just like Mr. Meringue, but it won’t take you very long to understand why it is already being mentioned in the same breath as it. Both were made to satisfy us who has a sweet tooth, and when you take a drag of Miss Meringue, you will get all of the great flavors associated with Mr. Meringue with a really unique twist. There are lots of other strawberry-flavored e-juices out there, but this one, quite literally, takes the cake home!

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