Fuzion Ectoplasm

Ectoplasm by Fuzion Vapor

Flavour profile: Sweet lemon-lime.

“Remember that melted juice at the bottom of a green freezie pop? Yeah…”

Sure, alot of brandsr has their version of the classic ‘Ecto Cooler’ from Hi-C. Doesnt everyone love that sweet, lemony-limey, sugary green goodness in that little box? What makes this version stand out from the others then? Easy, it’s fuZion and it’s innately better by default.;)

Vaping Ectoplasm is like youre taking a step back in time… A time of Saturday morning cartoons, Green Machines and feathered hair. One vape and you’ll soon be on the sidewalk painting your Matchbox cars with your sisters nail polish and rocking out like Jem… truly outrageous… truly, truly, truly outrageous.

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